Company Profile

Chris Brooker and Associates (CBA) operates as a centre of excellence, offering specialist services through the expertise  of it's sole member, Chris Brooker, and through forming strategic alliances with likeminded professional engineers, and other professionals with complimentary skills. The intention is to provide a specialist service to all clients, including private clients, other consulting engineering firms, selected institutional and corporate clients, and within consortia of other professionals and specialists.

The business model for the strategic alliances is similar to that employed by advocates chambers. All professionals within the alliance are responsible to their own clients and for their own billing, but all interact to ensure a common purpose and consistent approach to a project, and share resources such as secretarial and administrative staff within the project. The commercial motivation is that senior specialist professionals are expensive to employ and are often under utilised in general practices. It makes financial sense to outsource services where suitable expertise is available.

CBA tries to avoid offering services that compete with engineering firms providing a general civil engineering service, as those firms form a major proportionof the target client base. To this purpose, CBA is able to direct client enquiries to appropriate general civil or structural consulting engineers. 

Empowerment, training, and equity are core elements of the Company’s philosophy, and would be key considerations in the make up of any project team or consortium.

Mission Statement

The mission of Chris Brooker and Associates cc Consulting Engineers is to provide highly respected professional consulting services in the environmental water related fields of Civil Engineering.

The professional approach shall fully embrace the principals of quality by providing quality of design and efficient service to meet the expressed and implied needs of our clients on time.

CBA was specifically established to meet the need to protect the environment and to use resources in a way that provides for future generations. It strives to establish and manitain a high standard of environmental awareness amongst its clients and colleagues.